Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il pozzo - Particolari di antichità / Elements of antiquity / Elemente der Antike

Casale il pozzo - Fiori / Flowers / Blumen

Casale il pozzo - Casetta Gelso / Mulberry Cottage / Haus Maulbeeren

Casale il pozzo - Il pompelmo / The grapefruit / Pampelmuse

Sciacca - Il Mare / The sea / Das Meer

Casale il pozzo - Il giardino / The garden / Garten

Sciacca - Carnevale / Carnival

Sciacca - Castello Luna / Castle of Luna / Luna Schloss

Sciacca - di notte / by night / in der Nacht

Sciacca - Il Porto / The port / Der Hafen


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Casale il Pozzo is a delightful place for everybody who appreciates authentic touches. Set right in the middle of rural district of Sciacca, it offers peace, quiet, fresh air, delightful vegetables and intimacy. For everybody who enjoys holidays off the beaten track. The owners, Isabella and Nichola, are always around to cater for all your needs. The place is new and tidy – we were privileged to launch the coffee cooker and some other equipment :) We already miss lazy breakfast time in the garden full of pink flowers.
Isabella, Nichola,
Thanks again for this lovely week! :)
Oliwia, Kasia & Michal (5 Luglio 2013 via Facebook)
Hello Nicola, we are the family of Trieste who spent 4 fantastic days in the house …. Unfortunately we don’t have any FB inscriptions so whe are using the FB account of mom ….. she is more ‘technological …. Thank you for your hospitality vs the magnificent paradise that I recommend to everyone … You have created a beautiful oasis of relaxation in the beautiful Sicily …. Good Luck
Alessandro,Barbara ed Asia (22 Giugno 2013 via Facebook)

Hello Nicholas and Isabella, thanks again for the warm welcome that you have reserved! The place is really beautiful, surrounded by peaceful countryside of Sciacca … and we found it easy to reach all the places of interest … what to say? really cute!

See you soon, we hope!

Laura&Federico (28 Maggio 2013 via Facebook)