Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il Pozzo - Spazio esterno / Outdoor area / Im Freien

Casale il pozzo - Particolari di antichità / Elements of antiquity / Elemente der Antike

Casale il pozzo - Fiori / Flowers / Blumen

Casale il pozzo - Casetta Gelso / Mulberry Cottage / Haus Maulbeeren

Casale il pozzo - Il pompelmo / The grapefruit / Pampelmuse

Sciacca - Il Mare / The sea / Das Meer

Casale il pozzo - Il giardino / The garden / Garten

Sciacca - Carnevale / Carnival

Sciacca - Castello Luna / Castle of Luna / Luna Schloss

Sciacca - di notte / by night / in der Nacht

Sciacca - Il Porto / The port / Der Hafen

Casale il Pozzo – Holiday House

June and September offers

An entire cottage for 4 people for 7 nights at € 245,00

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Call at  (+39) 347 3363408

Nestled in the green countryside of Sciacca, just 10 minutes from the city center and the sea, stands the House “Casale il Pozzo”.

Consisting of 4 independent cottages, furnished with taste and simplicity,  is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Here you are going to  spend a holiday in harmony with nature. The complex is surrounded by fruit trees, olive trees and much more.


Built on a hillside (which rises up to 870 m) in front of the sea, the city of Sciacca extends to the sea in a wide range of modern and old houses and a maze of steep slopes and long stairways.

Rich architectural and cultural heritage of great value and artistic beauty, Sciacca is a seaside town with beautiful coastline of fine sand and clear waters. Impressive is the district of Porto where moored one of the largest fleets of Sicily. Sciacca insists on an important spa, which is open all year round where you can make Thermal treatments using mud and mineral waters. In addition, on Mount St. Calogero, there is an ancient spa complex of caves whose walls emerge from the therapeutic vapors warm (between 36 and 42 ° C).

Flourishing is also the work of ceramic artists (ceramics Saccensi are renowned throughout the world) who exhibit their works in the many colorful shops of the city center. Rich is also the heritage of traditions and folklore: the Carnival of Sciacca, whose origins date back to Roman times, is unique and one of the most beautiful in Italy for the originality of costumes, floats in the manufacture of paper pulp, the skill of dance groups, musicality hymns, recitations in dialect, popular involvement.

 Its location also allows you to perform a tourist route interesting and very impressive. Nearby there are in fact both archaeological sites of great interest is a series of islands (Egadi) within a short period of time that will enrich the holidays those who choose to stay in Sciacca.

“Nichola and Isabella” are glad to welcome in the four small apartments offering a relaxing and culturally interesting holiday.